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The Verplanck Wiki is a collaborative, fan-run site dedicated to the wonderful YouTube series Verplanck by Moshe Bree and Mechel Leiber. It is in no way officially affiliated with the show or its creators.

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Verplanck is a web drama-comedy series created by Moshe Bree and Mechel Leiber. Described as “the only kosher comedy series on the web,” it follows the exploits of four protagonists — Mitch, Avi, Feishy, and Yechiel Michel Rephoel Menachem (or YMRM) — as they set out to create a new Jewish community in the eponymous village in New York. (more...)


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Did You Know...

  • ...that the four main characters of Verplanck each represent a different flavor of Judaism — "left-center" (Mitch), "right-center" (Avi), chassidic (Feishy), and yeshivish (YMRM)?
  • ...that in filming Verplanck, the cast and crew adhere to halachic guidelines? For example, actors portrayed as a married couple are also married in real life.
  • ...that the thirteen minute first episode of Verplanck took nearly 27 hours to shoot and edit?
  • ...that Verplanck was created to fill the void left by a lack of kosher video entertainment?
  • ...that Avi is played by Shuly Leiber, the younger brother of Verplanck creator Mechel Leiber?

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